Hey – Let’s Go Golfing Instead!

20 04 2010

That classy President we have….

He could not attend this weekend’s funeral in Poland for their President and most of their entire political cabinet that died in a tragic airplane crash due to the Iceland volcanic ash. This is understandable – most of Europe is at a standstill with flights cancelled.

So instead, Mr. Hopenchange goes golfing. While the funeral is going on…where he is supposed to be….he is seen golfing instead.

At least the joke-of-a-vice-president Biden and Clinton went to the Poland embassy to sign a condolence book.

Fox reported this is the 32nd round of golf Obama has played since taking office in 2009. Compared to Bush, who had 28 rounds and stopped playing because he said in a time of war it seemed inappropriate to be playing golf. Now there was a classy President!


Tea Party More Popular Than…Obama!

6 04 2010

Oh yes! Those wacky, nutroot Americans that have chosen to arm themselves with sticks and posterboard are now polling more popular with Americans than Hopenchange.

This Rasmussen Reports poll has the numbers – 48% of Americans feel they identify more with the Tea Party movement and only 44% with Obama.

Think of the millions wasted by the Obama machine only for him to get to the point that average Americans on their lunch breaks standing in front of their city courthouses with freedom of speech signs have now surpassed him in terms of how Americans identify with the causes.

It is literally a sign of the times: Democrats spend millions of taxpayer dollars on things Americans don’t want, while average Americans spend a few dollars on sticks at Home Depot and poster board from Walmart to tell government want they do want. And which movement polls better?

New, Effective Fashion

1 04 2010

This photo is making the rounds: evidently this wonderful man wore this at a Veteran’s event where Obama and Biden were speaking. Gotta get a pair!