Oh Yeah…Some “Victory”…

23 03 2010

So I have been so depressed watching this Obamacare debate I have not had much to post about that isn’t already covered in other blogs and websites…

But what I have not seen is a compilation of the big “victory” Democrats are claiming this healthcare brings. Here is a bit about the folks that brought us this financial burden:

The Speaker of the House’s favorable rating is 11%. Oh yeah – she’s a keeper.

64% of Americans say Congress is doing a poor job. Democrats control Congress.

11% say Congress is doing a good job. Those are probably the same 11% that like Nancy Pelosi.

Democrats AND Republicans voted AGAINST this bill. Only Democrats voted FOR it.

And America’s mood?

Only 29% of Americans approve of Obama. 41% disapprove.

54% oppose this healthcare reform.

7 states have already said they will sue the Federal government.

I don’t believe most of America is swallowing this pill. While it looks like a small percentage still belive Hopenchange will fill their car with gas, fix their physical pains and pay their mortgages, it does appear that most Americans are waking up – scared – as they should be.

November can’t come soon enough!




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