The Whining Democrats

26 03 2010

Oh pleaze…

Americans have been overwhelmingly against Obamacare – both Republicans and Democrats. So now that it has passed, some Democrats are whining that there is too much violence against them. There has been some name calling and rock throwing…oh my. It is almost like…like…like…people are angry that the Democrats have screwed up our country or something!

Flashback to election night, 2008. Remember the reports of how police across the country were mobilizing in case Obama LOST? They were anticipating riots and massive acts of violence. So police have to get ready for that type of violence over a potential loss of an election, but police are not having to mobilize for the post-Obamacare vote. Yet a few Democrats are so upset that people are upset….they want to make a big media statement about it. Make sense? Of course it does not. Nothing makes sense now that we are under Democrat governance.

And remember – only Democrats voted FOR this bill. Votes AGAINST this bill were bipartisan- both Republicans and Democrats voting no…


Oh Yeah…Some “Victory”…

23 03 2010

So I have been so depressed watching this Obamacare debate I have not had much to post about that isn’t already covered in other blogs and websites…

But what I have not seen is a compilation of the big “victory” Democrats are claiming this healthcare brings. Here is a bit about the folks that brought us this financial burden:

The Speaker of the House’s favorable rating is 11%. Oh yeah – she’s a keeper.

64% of Americans say Congress is doing a poor job. Democrats control Congress.

11% say Congress is doing a good job. Those are probably the same 11% that like Nancy Pelosi.

Democrats AND Republicans voted AGAINST this bill. Only Democrats voted FOR it.

And America’s mood?

Only 29% of Americans approve of Obama. 41% disapprove.

54% oppose this healthcare reform.

7 states have already said they will sue the Federal government.

I don’t believe most of America is swallowing this pill. While it looks like a small percentage still belive Hopenchange will fill their car with gas, fix their physical pains and pay their mortgages, it does appear that most Americans are waking up – scared – as they should be.

November can’t come soon enough!