Cheat Note To Self

11 02 2010

Since the liberals and the White House staff (Robert Gibbs – spokesman) are making fun of Sarah Palin and her notes to herself that she wrote on the palm of her hand while giving a speech Saturday, I thought I would write a note to myself – to remind me of this in case I should forget….


It’s the new toy at show and tell…

2 02 2010

When you don’t have a new truck or doll to bring for your school’s show-and-tell, just bring your teleprompter.

That’s our President – the great orator – unable to speak in an elementary school without electronic assistance.

Now Obama Bows To My Hometown Mayor…

2 02 2010

She’s a neat mayor, Pam Iorio,¬†even though she is a Democrat, but seriously? Bow? Can someone tell our President that he’s the big one, big plane and all – and should not bow to anyone? Or is it his shoes? Are they dirty and he keeps looking at them???