The Funny Thing About Ellie Light…

25 01 2010

Here is the new grassroots Obamanation try…just lie, lie, lie.

Someone named Ellie Light has written oven a dozen letters to the editor in over a dozen U.S. newspapers trying to drum up support for Obama, saying that “governing is hard work” and that “It is time for American’s to realize there isn’t a magic want to fix everything“.

The problem for Ellie is that she has lied about her hometown in order to get published in each of the papers. She responded to a reporter asking why she wrote these letters, and said she was motivated by surprise and wonderment at the absence of any media support of our president.

Absence of ANY media support of the president? Are you kidding Ellie?

So she takes matters in her own hand and lies to get the word out. No wonder there is a LIE in Ellie.

Read the story here.




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