“We Will Not Rest”

29 12 2009

And on the third day, Obama spoke.

Taking a break from his Hawaiian vacation, Obama finally spoke for the first time about the Christmas Day attempted terrorist attack on an American plane. The dude arrested had enough explosives in his underwear to blow a hole in the plane and but thankfully, was stupid enough to not know how to light his bloomers on fire. The terrorist said more attacks were on the way. I think that’s a big deal, worthy of a comment from our leader on day one.

So the President finally said something about it today – three days later. He read from his speech – keeping his eyes on the paper, maybe intending to scare the paper rather than look the terrorists in the eye and get forceful. His best quote “We will not rest” just didn’t work while squeezing in the speech around his round of golf.


He’s Still Slidin’…

27 12 2009

I’ve been a bit busy with the holidays and have not had time to sift through my usual diet of Obama disaster stories. I was wondering if with this sneaky Christmas Eve Senate passage of a Obamacare bill if Americans are still in love with Obama or if he is still slidin’.

He’s still slidin’.

From trusty Rasmussen Reports, another squiggly line graph that nicely shows people who don’t like him, still don’t like him, and have more company in that category.

Only three more years to go…

This would have been fun…

6 12 2009


7 stories Obama doesn’t want told

2 12 2009

What a great post here on Politico on the 7 stories Obama doesn’t want told. In a nutshell:

1. He thinks he’s playing with Monopoly money

2. He’s too much Leonard Nimoy (the logical dork)

3. That’s the Chicago way (do it my way, or else)

4. He’s a pushover (especially if it does not poll well)

5. He’s not a fan of the U.S.

6. President Pelosi (she seems to be running the show)

7. He’s in love with the man in the mirror (he was pictured carrying a copy of GQ with his picture on it!?)

I think they are on to something!