Good news: at least we get a Christmas tree

30 11 2009

With a President that does not celebrate Christmas (he does not give gifts to his children), I was wondering if we’d have a national Christmas tree in front of the White House – or if there were going to be any Christmas trees inside. Looks like there will be, as the inside tree for the Blue Room was delivered on Friday. The First Lady, wearing what looks like a pair of yoga workout pants, greeted the growers who delivered the tree. Let’s hope she decorates it with more class than she has when she chooses her clothes.


Don’t like Obamacare? You are not alone.

30 11 2009

Obamacare has become so confusing as it works its way through the Senate that I don’t even know what is in it¬†anymore. All I know is that when you have to have a committee vote on a Saturday night to be sneaky enough to get it moving to the next step…that tells me it is a rotten fish.

Evidently Americans are also waking up – or expressing their confusion too. In a Rasmussen poll only 38% now favor Obamacare – and 56% oppose it – the highest numbers of opposition yet.

Next President: A Republican?

16 11 2009

That’s what a Rasmussen survey of likely voters just said. 58% said that the next President will likely be a Republican. And of that, 31% said VERY¬† likely. These numbers have been edging up since Obama took office. Wonder why…

Read the survey here.


Still Slidin…

3 11 2009

Oh my: Obama’s still not on a roll. The mojo and magic of a year ago is lost in poll numbers that show what readers of this blog monthly_total_approval_october_2009know: he’s an awful President.

For October, according to Rasmussen Reports, Obama’s “strongly approved” rating fell to 29% – the lowest of his presidency. And for the 3rd straight month, his “strongly disapproved” stayed at 39%.

Those numbers are amazing considering most of America still gets news from antique media – which has proven to be favorably biased towards Obama. Imagine the reality if they all did their own research and found out what his policies really mean, how much money he’s really spent and what is really behind the “image” of hopenchange.