The NFL: Dying like Old Media

18 10 2009

Now that the dust is settling from this week’s Rush Limbaugh/NFL Ram’s mess comes a typical NFL Sunday…and justj0436614 like last Sunday…my family couldn’t care less.

The NFL and Commission Roger Goodell’s statements this week that Rush Limbaugh was too divisive to be part of a limited partnership to own a team over the top. Limbaugh was the victim of a baseless attack by African Americans who want to use the race card to advance anything they want – any time they want. The dying media reported quotes Limbaugh has never said, and the NFL – never stopping to do due diligence – cut an old white man out of a the deal of his dreams.

Goodell’s reckless statement this week just frames for me the problems I have been having the past few seasons with the NFL. Among them:

  • Reduced broadcast of games – forcing people to premium and expensive NFL channels to watch (read: Greed)
  • Ridiculous ticket prices – so the average family of four must spend hundreds of dollars to go to a game (read: Greed)
  • Crazy player trading – off season and in season – so now you don’t even know who is on which team (read: Stupid)
  • Out of control player behavior (dog fighting, guns in clubs, wife beating and/or driving over wife with car).

The NFL is not exciting anymore. Franchises are beginning to loose their identifications – mostly because fans don’t even know who is on the team – or who is coaching them. The players keep getting richer – and evidently less educated as more and more leave college early to pursue the dollar.

Around my house, there used to be jerseys worn on Sunday, mini helmets scattered about the coffee table in formation of the day’s match ups, occasionally I’d bake a football or stadium shaped cake. None of this happens anymore because the males in my house – and the lone female – don’t really care.

Goodell proved this week what a horrible leader he is for the NFL. He is leading a dying group…. just like the antique media – who also proved their incompetence again this week by repeating unsourced information from Wikipedia to remove a potential investor whose only infraction is that he is critical of their beloved Obama.

We used to cheer the arrival of football season – now I think we’d be happier with an infomercial for the “Ab Pro” on the TV instead. Or…… maybe broadcast Limbaugh’s show on Sunday – it might get better ratings.




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