Obama’s War: Afghanistan

24 09 2009

Since Obama took office in January 2009, a record number of troops serving in Operation Enduring Freedom have died –  213 of  the 843 killed on duty have died this year – or 25%.

The U.S. commander in Afghanistan, General McChystal recommends additional troops to secure the region and build it safe and secure. He recommended this some time ago, and much of his report has been leaked to the press, since there has been no action or response by the Obama administration. Obama is reported to be considering several options, including a “remote war” where troops on the ground are replaced with drones and spies. This is an idea popularized by columnist George Will.

Whatever he decides – he needs to do it quickly. Our troops are in danger and are sacrificing in large numbers.

Though they are different wars, the surge in Iraq was effective. The lowest number of deaths has been recorded in 2009 (126) since combat there began and the peaceful transfer of power has been made to the Iraqi people.

Will Obama listen to the Generals in the field or political pundits and left wing polls?




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