Wrong week to play the race card

19 09 2009

Unless you have been under a rock, you may have heard the antique media covering the “story” this week that racial bias may be behind all these outbursts and protests against the President. I was expecting the race card to be played sometime during his administration but was surprised to see them pull it so quickly. It would appear that the thinking is to get people back on the President’s side on healthcare and – well – generally everything – and reigniting the passion America once had with the dream of the first African American president seemed like the way they were going.

Only this was the wrong week.

This was the week an 19-year-old white country music sweetheart was winning her first ever pop video music award and a black rapper came up on stage – took the microphone away from her – to announce that she didn’t have the best video, another black artist did – in his opinion.

This was the week that a white boy on a school bus was beaten by African American kids, while other African American kids cheered the beating.

So what an odd time for rhetoric to be stirred up that somehow white people are mad because the President is black.

People are angry because of his policies. They are angry because he is mean and condescending to dissenters. He remains stuck in campaign mode – needing an enemy to function – to “beat” –  because that is the only mode he knows.

What is happening is not related to skin color. What IS happening is related to an unexperienced President not having a clue what he is doing. Like when he said a white police officer acted “stupidly” arresting his black friend.




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