How the “other” half – the Obama half – live

19 09 2009

With money comes its privilege – that’s for sure.

The Obama’s are millionaires who try to come off as real, regular people. But that sham doesn’t really work when you take a summer vacation at a $35,000 a week Martha’s Vineyard rental.

It also does not work when you try to go shopping. This is a great post about Michelle Obama’s interest in an organic fresh food market in Washington D.C. and how she shut down roads and used three armored cars to go a block down

See more fashion images on the "She Wore It - Not Me" page!

See more fashion images on the "She Wore It - Not Me" page!

 the street to buy $5 eggs. Read the post here.

Now as first lady we all know she can’t really just walk down the street – there needs to be protection and provisions for her security. This is understandable. What is a hoot is the pricey, organic food she is buying while the country is in a recession, people are loosing jobs and their homes, but her concern is expensive organic cherry tomatoes and kale.




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