All About The Books….

16 09 2009

Conservative talk show host and author Mark Levin celebrated a milestone – his Liberty and Tyranny book has hit 1 million books sold. That is huge for conservative books – which have seen a surge in sales since Obama took office. When the antique media continue to show bias, people look to other places to get their information and books are ideal.

Levin has a bit to go to catch up to Captain Underpants at 26 million books sold; or Adolf Hilter’s Mein Kampf with 10 million sold. Lord of the Rings is among the kings with 150 million sold and then there’s the Bible – estimated between 2.5 billion and 6 billion sold.

So what does our President read? He was spotted with this book, The Post-American World by Fareed Zakaria. The postamericanbookbook is about the “rise of the rest” – meaning China, Brazil and India in a world where the U.S. will no longer dominate.

Why is our President reading a book that dreams about U.S. failure?

At least he wasn’t reading Jimmy Carter’s book – one of the three favorites on Osama Bin Ladin’s list. Evidently today Osama said Jimmy’s book is one of his favorites…I would think that when Osama sees that Obama likes Post American World,  he’ll dispatch an aide on a camel to go to the nearest village to place his order.




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