Fresh From Vacation…Another Vacation

4 09 2009

Fresh from their $35,000-a-week Martha’s Vineyard vacation rental, the rested and invigorated first family returned backfromvaca09to Washington on August 30. By the looks on their faces, you would have thought they had flown commercial and had endured delays and baggage inspections like the rest of us. But nah…they flew at taxpayers expense on a comfy 747 with a direct route. Why the sad faces then?

Because it would be three whole more days until their next vacation. They left Sept. 2 for vacation – part 2 – in Camp David.

Actually, Camp David would be vacation – part 3 – because they had the first faux vacation to Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon to avoid the look of being too New England elitist at the Vineyard.

They say Bush took more time off for his vacations – but at least he stayed in one spot – a simple Texas ranch – saving the American taxpayers millions of dollars.




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