On the way to Denmark….

29 09 2009

Here is some recommended reading for President Obama for this week’s plane trip to Denmark.

I realize he is so worried about landing the Olympics for Chicago, his hometown, that he – and the usual extensive corps of Presidential security detail – must fly to Copenhagen to lobby for the Olympic bid. It’s a long trip, so here is some reading he can do:

He could read Rasmussen Report’s latest poll on his job approval. In case this takes too long to read, here are some graphs:









That graph is a little negative, so let’s read one that has a positive color, like green:









Oh, that graph IS green, but it also is a little negative.

While on the subject of GREEN, I wonder what the carbon footprint of his trip will be? And the First Lady is making the trip as well, with other White House staffers, in another plane because she has to leave earlier.

Back to reading: He could also pre-order Sarah Palin’s book “Going Rouge”. A reported 1.5 million copies have already been ordered. It will be out in November, but by then, he should have lots of time on his hands after he has fixed healthcare, made a decision on Afghanistan, finalized his Gittmo plan, stabilized the housing market, revitalized unemployment..and all that other pesky Presidential stuff.

So with these graphs so negative, and such a lengthy “to do” list – how does he have the time to lobby for his hometown’s Olympic bid?


The Islamic Day of Prayer in Washington D.C.

24 09 2009

Friday, Sept 25 is the Islamic Day of Prayer. Organizers are expecting a reported 50,000 worshippers in Washington D.C. by the Capitol. Here is their website.

The big hitch to this giddyup is that the White House is calling this day the Islamic Day of Prayer. Only when the National Day of Prayer – the 1st Thursday in May – came, the White House did not organize anything because they didn’t want to offend any religion. The National Day of Prayer  has been around since President Truman in 1952. In 1988 President Regan identified the 1st Thursday in May as the day. So the National Day of Prayer has been around awhile.

Interesting…and repeatable.

Obama’s War: Afghanistan

24 09 2009

Since Obama took office in January 2009, a record number of troops serving in Operation Enduring Freedom have died –  213 of  the 843 killed on duty have died this year – or 25%.

The U.S. commander in Afghanistan, General McChystal recommends additional troops to secure the region and build it safe and secure. He recommended this some time ago, and much of his report has been leaked to the press, since there has been no action or response by the Obama administration. Obama is reported to be considering several options, including a “remote war” where troops on the ground are replaced with drones and spies. This is an idea popularized by columnist George Will.

Whatever he decides – he needs to do it quickly. Our troops are in danger and are sacrificing in large numbers.

Though they are different wars, the surge in Iraq was effective. The lowest number of deaths has been recorded in 2009 (126) since combat there began and the peaceful transfer of power has been made to the Iraqi people.

Will Obama listen to the Generals in the field or political pundits and left wing polls?


Repeatable Recap: Obama’s Involvement in NY Governor’s Race

23 09 2009

Somehow, with a recession, high unemployment, two wars and much more, Obama has time to worry about the state of New York’s upcoming Governor’s race. Enough time to worry and get involved. He sent word to Governor David Paterson – a Democrat –  that he wants him to withdraw from running for reelection. It seems that Paterson is not popular, and Obama wants Democrat Andrew Cuomo to have a clear path to office. The problem: it is unusual for a President to get involved in state matters, plus Paterson is one of only two African American Governors. And Paterson is blind.

Here’s a repeatable recap – to date – there is sure to be more so check back:

March 17, 2008: Eliot Spitzer(D) resigns as Governor of New York because of a prostitution scandal. David Paterson succeeded him that day.

September 20, 2009: Obama sends a request to Governor Paterson that he withdraw from the Governor’s race. The request was proposed by his advisors and approved by the President.

It was a bad week to ask one of two Black governors to change their political course. This was the week former President Jimmy Carter said outrage to Obama was because he was black, and also the week where a black rapper jumped up on stage at a music awards show to grab the microphone from a white artist – only to proclaim that another black artist should have won the award. Obama called the rapper a “jackass”.

September 20, 2009: Paterson says something along the lines of “get lost”.

September 23, 2009: Paterson’s wife, Michelle, says it is wrong for the White House to get involved in a local race. “David’s the first African American governor in the state of New York and he’s being asked to get out of the race. It’s very unusual and seems unfair. I never heard of a President asking a governor not to run.”

September 23, 2009: New York state’s top Democratic leaders sent messages of support for the Governor – saying some are behind him “150 percent.”


Repeatable ACORN/Obama tidbits

22 09 2009

This is a fantastic post on Red State that documents Obama’s ties to ACORN. While the President tries to downplay his associations about his former employer, the document trail just keeps making a thicker trail.

At Halloween last year I handed out little candy corn packets with the ObamaCorn logo found at MichelleMalkin.com. Conservatives got it – liberals didn’t. Maybe this year – now that ACORN’s cover has been blown – more will.


Grrrr…The Angry Americans

22 09 2009

One reason I started a blog was to help vent my anger. Apparently more Americans need to start up blogging – or something.

Rasmussen Reports today released a poll that says 66% of voters surveyed are somewhat angry about current policies of government. And 60% believe neither party has the answer.  And this a mere 9 months into Admin Hopenchange.scoul

90% of the Republicans; 44% of the Democrats and 77% of the not affiliated said they are somewhat angry.

This dilutes the “right wing angry mob” myth sponsored by the Obama administration. There appears to be enough discontent to go around. For 44% of Democrats to say they are somewhat ANGRY…oh my…


When is a Tax a Tax?

22 09 2009

Obama says there are no new taxes in the health care plan.

Oh but there are.

It makes you wonder if he’s even read the bill.

Read this good post from House minority leader Boehner about what Obama says about taxes to what is actually in the bill.

And then you’ll know why people want to scream “You Lie” to Obama.