The $35,000 A Week Vacation

24 08 2009

One of the perks of being a millionaire is you get to take neat vacations. You fly your own plane or have first class sweattickets. You book the suite on the cruise or in the five star hotel. You made it – you spend it.

So our millionaire President is taking his vacation. Announced months ago – he is renting a vacation home on Martha’s Vineyard (a home owned by Republicans) for a reported $35,000 – $40,000 a week.  He’ll pay for this himself – we just have to pay for the transportation and the staffers – the usual stuff we usually do for Presidents.

I wonder: is this a good time for him to pay a weekly vacation rental that is more than many Americans make in a year?

They wondered this too. They also wondered if this New England getaway for the rich and famous would not be a good image during these tough economic times. We know they wondered this, because they added two “average Americana” destinations as a pre-vacation.

A funny thing happened on the way east to Martha’s Vineyard. They went west to Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon.

The problem with adding “stops” to Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon is that the gimmick was obvious. Plus costly to the taxpayers. We just paid to fuel up Air Force One, fly out the cars and helicopters and all the protective peeps, so Obama could touch down and watch Old Faithful for a little bit and step to the side of the south rim, so he would not look elitist. Think of the carbon footprints…

I would like to see a poll ask:  “did anyone fall for that?”

Now what would be super is for him to take his wife out for a nice dinner during their vacation…sorta like he did when Obamahe flew her from D.C. to NYC for a date, with the taxpayers funding the transportation and security. Maybe they could fly from the Vineyard to someplace like New Orleans for a bowl of jambalaya or something. Taxpayers will pay to get you there and protect you – he just has to cover the cost of the food. That would make as much sense as stopping at the canyon on the way to the vineyard did. She could help their cause though, in trying not to look too elitist. She could wear the same outfit she wore at the canyon.




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