Breaking News: The Stimulus Has Stimulated 2 Construction Jobs in My Town

12 08 2009

There is no better fun than to surf the site.

I found there have been two construction projects awarded in my city. One for $906,740 to redesign two new 7th floor judges chambers (awesome – I needed to go into debt for that!) and the second for $9,021,314 for “repair asphalt adj. to concrete so apron”.

Nine million dollars to repair asphalt adj to concrete so apron – and so I am wondering – where does 9 million dollars of asphalt  “adj to concrete so apron” go? Are they building me a new mall or something? A new airport? I can’t find this out on the website. But I do see the 9 million dollar job went to a company in Anchorage. I live in Florida.

I hope the 9 million wasn’t in trucking costs to move concrete from Alaska to Florida. But heck, with the Federal Government in charge – you never know.

And I’m even more relieved to know I have gone into debt to fund $9 million asphalt adj to concrete so apron. At least I am among good company: you have gone into the same debt too.




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