Have YOU read HR3200?

11 08 2009

Now that Obama has come out with his community organizers and paid supporters (yes- there were jobs posted on Craigslist for this) to hold signs supporting  health care – ops health insurance –  reform, I wonder…have they read HR3200?

Have you?

I tried – it is a difficult read that I can’t understand. But I have read the following summary. This is MUST READ for all Americans.

Among the items in the massive bill are:

  • Heathcare will be provided to non U.S. citizens
  • A National Health ID card will be issued to everyone. And to think Democrats think requiring a drivers license to vote is discriminatory.
  • They will “need” – and get – real time access to your finances (sec 431, pg 195) – access to all Americans financial personal records.
  • Businesses making $400,000 or more who do NOT participate in the plan will be penalized and forced to pay an 8% tax.
  • Doctors will be told what they can make and all will be paid the same – regardless of specialty
  • The plan mandates Advance Death Care Planning. Gosh if you are old and dying I hope you get to that planning meeting in time…
  • It adds a Prevention and Wellness fund – an additional $30 billion cost!

It goes on and on….it is just unbelievable when so many Americans are satisfied with their health insurance why this is even coming up.

Meanwhile, drug companies will be able to charge today’s high prices in the system – thanks to the deal they privately cut with Obama. Some reform, huh?

So when you look at the hired help holding up “pro” health reform signs – you have got to wonder if these options are what they REALLY want….or are they simply just trying to “win” something…




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