Where’s My Cash for Tube?

5 08 2009

I have a broken TV. Kinda like a broken car that can be traded in with Obama’s Cash for Clunkers program. If you tow your old broken car in to a dealer – well last week when they had money for this program – you got $4,500 for a new car. It is government money we are going into debt for to take your junk and give you a neat discount on something new. Car dealers love it because they are moving stale inventory. Tax payers hate it- according Rasmussen Reports – because they know they are going into debt to discount their neighbor’s new car.

So my TV – I want a new one. I want the government to give me a Cash for Tube program. Where’s my check for a new TV so I can give  them this old one and get a new one? They already extended the digital conversion to be able to give out more government funded digital box coupons…why not go the distance and upgrade everyone’s TV?

That might be difficult for the Obama administration to manage – since they didn’t manage the Cash for Clunker program very well either…




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