Welcome to the mob

5 08 2009

From the Administration with a millionaire, lawyer President who hails from Chicago, with a Chief of Staff who mails dead fish to people he wants to intimidate…comes mirror diplomacy:

Call the opposition what you are.

The White House today said the public outraged expressed over the past few days at various  town hall meetings across the country was organized by conservative groups – who are well funded. The Democratic National Committee calls these Americans “angry mobs”, “mob rule” and “extremists”.

What a set up.

They recognize that average Americans are fed up with out of control spending, don’t want government healthcare that no one can afford, and don’t believe Obama on most issues anymore. So to reflect from themselves, they try to paint anyone who disagrees “angry” and part of a mob.

What do they want? My bet is: a situation. A situation of violence or outrage by some random American so they can pull the plug on everyone who dissents. They can point to this unrest and say “see – this is out of control”.

So everyone: welcome to the mob.




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