Cut Jobs to Save Money; Spend Money To Add Jobs

29 07 2009

So in the merry-go-round of Obamaeconomics, he’s gone into debt to stimulate our economy to add jobs. With a $2 trillion deficit, his centerpiece has been the need to create more jobs.

So then he asks his cabinet to cut $100 million from their budgets – you know – to show how they can save money while he spends money we don’t have.

They have responded with $102 million in proposed cuts.

One of the cuts is from the Department of Labor – who is proposing to disband the Employment Standards Administration – eliminating an assistant secretary of the departmentĀ and 2 department secretaries – a savings of $1.75 million.

You would think when you are trying to get everyone to believe you are adding jobs, you might want to keep around a “Employment Standards Administration” department – whatever that is – and NOT contribute to the layoff rate by cutting jobs in that “Employment” department at your very own Department of Labor.

They are cutting jobs to save money…while Obama is spending money to add jobs.



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