The Czar Bazaar

27 07 2009

When you said you will run the most transparent administration ever but you know you need to hide stuff – what do you do? Bring on the czars!

Obama has appointed 31 czars, according to Taxpayers for Common Sense. We got car czar, climate czar, domestic violence czar and thank goodness – at last – we have a Great Lakes czar. Nevermind that we have government agencies – using your taxpayer money – that already do this work. So why the czars?

Either you don’t trust the people you hired to do the job, or you are trying to hide something. Take the Secretary of State – his former rival – Hillary Clinton. Why does Obama need a Sudan czar, Mideast Peace czar AND a Mideast Policy czar when he has a state department?

Michelle Malkinhas a new book out on the subject and will be blogging all week on the mysteries of the czars.




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