Now, President Police Officer

24 07 2009

First Obama is the Energy Czar – saying we should turn down our thermostats to 72 degrees (when his Oval Office in winter was as warm as Hawaii).

Next is Dr. Obama who says maybe an woman’s elderly mother should just take a pill instead of getting a pacemaker at age 100. Dr. Obama also thinks you shouldn’t have your tonsils out – or so he said in last night’s press conference that about 100 people watched…

Now he’s a cop – a law enforcement expert – and he’s waded in publicly on a situation involving one of his friends – who was arrested last week. His friend had locked himself out of his own house, and there was a reported break in when his friend broke in to his own house. When the police arrived, they questioned the man – Obama’s friend – who was found inside the house. Obama’s friend accused the police of racism, refused to produce identification and was arrested – but the charges later dropped. The policeman who responded is an expert in racial profiling, with an excellent record, and says he acted appropriately, arresting someone who broke into a home and refused to produce identification. Never mind the racial slurs that Obama friend hurled at him….  Now Mr. President Obama Police Officer says the Cambridge police acted “stupidly”. The PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES, after admitting he didn’t know all the facts in the case, just called a police officer stupid for arresting one of his friends.

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