Awesome: Obama Does Not Know What Is In House Health Bill

21 07 2009

Great article from Heritage recapping today’s conference call with Obama and liberal bloggers – the one where he admits he does not know what is in the House health bill. Read it here.

It is all out lobbying for Obama as he continues to loose traction on an issue that is concerning – but not pressing- for most Americans. He’s playing the role of mob boss and doctor (Dr. Obama said maybe you are better off not having surgery but taking painkillers at the ABC town hall infomercial) – while he warns that we must act quickly or…or…or else!

He is forcing through a campaign promise to make himself look good. He’s a millionaire lawyer, meeting behind closed doors with healthcare interest groups while promising the most transparent administration ever. He continues to lie – saying you will be able to keep your current healthcare plan – when the proposed plan will eventually eliminate fair competition (and thus your current healthcare plan).

We are taking an unnecessary distraction drive down “healthcare road” while “mortgage lane” continues to need work and “economy avenue” appears to be a dead end.




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