Protests: Continued

7 07 2009

The media is too busy covering Michael Jackson’s death to report on this, but thousands of Americans once again took to the streets during the July 4th weekend to protest out of control Washington spending.

Republicans. Democrats. Us. Them. People are getting sick of the double standard of going into debt to “fix” the problems of people…well…going into too much debt.

Protests were held in 1,500 cities across the country.

Dallas had 37,000; Houston 7 – 10,000; North Houston, 3,500 – 5,000; Tuscon – 4,000;  Sunnyvale, CA – 1,000; Fresno – 15,000; Stafford County, Virginia, -300; Morristown, NJ – thousands; Reno – 3,500; Washington DC, 2,000; Peachtree City, GA – 2,000.

Well done.

REPEATABLE: Media coverage does not make these successful – attendees make them successful. Each attendee is a voter – and THAT is what will make a difference.




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