I’ll Take the Republican Bench – Anyday

7 07 2009

You sure do hear the Liberals say “there is no leadership in the Republican party” – as if we can have a convention now and elect a candidate for President today.

What strikes me as funny is how anyone who is a Democrat can remotely take pride in their “leadership”.

Remove all food and beverage from you mouth in case you spew while you consider the depth of the Democratic bench:

Al “Whoops I found some ballots in my trunk!”Franken?

Nancy “The CIA never told me about waterboarding in my waterboarding briefing”Pelosi?

Harry “so what if the federal government owns 80% of my state”Ried?

Chris“so what if I got a good deal on my house and approved AIG bonuses -don’t ask me about my Ireland cottage” Dodd

Barack “your taxes will not be raised one cent” Obama?

Hillary “I need to break something – anything – in my body to get out of travelling with Barack” Clinton?

Ted “wait 10 hours before telling the cops you just killed a woman” Kennedy?

If that is the Liberal bench, I’ll take the Republican bench – anyday!




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