Curiously Fast

29 06 2009

When African pirates seized an American ship and took an American hostage, Obama stayed mum for days.

When the leading candidate for the Iranian Presidential election was suddently defeated in a questionable election and millions took to the streets to demonstrate – many loosing their lives – Obama stayed quiet for days.

But when Honduras President Manuel Zelaya was overthrown by a Honduran-Supreme-Court-Approved military coup, Obama quickly commented that this was not right. He was voicing the same concerns as Hugo Chavez, Daniel Ortega and the Castro brothers. Despite the emerging fact that Zelaya was abusing his power, and that Hondurans have welcomed the military coup that restored power to the elected legislature – Obama wades in with concern and scolding. The Wall Street Journal has a great article about the coup – and how Hondurans are following the law of their land in outing this emerging criminal Zelaya.

REPEATABLE: This was a curiously fast foreign policy weigh in from a President who has been as forceful as a wet noodle on other foreign policy matters. I wonder who is telling him what to do? Brotherly grip, gift giving friend Chavez?




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