Latest Obama Scandal: CNCS

13 06 2009

From the President that promised transparency comes a fun new scandal.

Here are the repeatable tidbits:

Today Obama announced he will fire Gerald Walpin, Inspector General for Americorps.

Americorps is part of the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) – government run, taxpayer funded community service organization.

Obama says he has “lost confidence” in Walpin, and provided no details.

Sen. Grassley (R-Iowa) reminded Obama that Congress needs reasons why Inspector Generals are fired. Obama has to give 30 days notice to fire an Inspector General.

The details that are surfacing are:

Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson is upset over an investigation Walpin conducted on Johnson’s nonprofit group that is tied to Americorps. Evidently this group, Walpin reported, was drawing more funds than it was due; members were not recording service hours on timesheets, documents were not maintained and members were working without contracts – among dozens of other problems Walpin uncovered – including staff running personal errands and even washing Johnson’s car. The investigation was completed in August 2008.

Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson is an Obama supporter and a former NBA Basketball player with the Phoenix Suns.

Enter the First Lady. Last week Michelle Obama announced that her Chief of Staff  Jackie Norris would be leaving the White House and moving to CNCS as a senior advisor.

REPEATABLE: So Obama lost confidence in an Inspector General that uncovered multiple audit infractions in 2008 for a nonprofit group run by an Obama friend right around the time Michelle Obama needed a place to move her 6-month-into-the-job Chief of Staff. Let’s see if Senator Grassley gets those details. In the meantime, can I get a taxpayer funded community service group over to the house to wash my car?




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