Obama Not Sure Why He Likes France

4 06 2009

A very funny dance around the question during Obama’s interview with France’s Canal Plus on June 2.

Q    What do you love about France, if I may ask?

THE PRESIDENT:  Well, let’s see.  We got the food.  We’ve got the — we’ve got Paris.  We’ve got the south of France — Provence — the wine.

Q    The wine?  Did you go to Provence?

THE PRESIDENT:  You know, I have traveled through the south of France when I was in college.  I haven’t been back for a long time.  And so I need to — I need to get back there.

REPEATABLE: …What? Was it a road trip through France? Does he remember it? Could he please answer the question? Maybe he can fly his wife there for the weekend and sample some wine….if it only cost $24,000 to fly his wife to NYC for a date, how much could it possibly cost to hit the south of France for a weekend?




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