Obama Postcards: The Picture of Diplomacy

1 06 2009

Nothing says diplomacy more than a picture of your daughter.

The State Department has begun marketing photo postcards of President Obama in a 6 series set, including one with a picture of President and Mrs. Obama with their daughters. The postcards will be used in U.S. embassies around the world as giveaways.

Each of the cards has a photo of Obama, including one of him playing sports.

Nevermind that he is the leader of the free world, but we want to show the world that he’s got a golf game.

REPEATABLE: Iconic American images like the Grand Canyon, Golden Gate Bridge, Mount Rushmore or even a Cape Cod lighthouse are more welcoming – and professional – than a postcard of our President playing basketball. Unless of course you are a President that appears to be more interested in himself and the trappings of his office. Why didn’t they use the Air Force One photo over the Statue of Liberty that cost taxpayers $328,835 to shoot?




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