Obama’s New Energy Tax

29 06 2009

Cap and Trade – the new Obama Administration energy tax passed last week in the House – is a mammoth government building program that will cost Americans who use energy (read: all of us). An Oklahoma Senator estimated it will cost citizens of his state an extra $3,200 a year, while Washington begins to build a huge government agency to buy and sell certificates to carbon producing businesses.

So now we penalize those who produce the energy we consume. And we get to pay more for it. While oil sits, untapped, in the Gulf of Mexico.

The best news is that 44 Democrats in the House voted NO to this bill.

Now it goes to the Senate this fall, where many are saying it will be defeated. If you drive a car or use electricity in your work or home, you should hope it will be defeated too.

REPEATABLE: Spending money on new government programs to regulate and tax energy producers is no energy plan.


Curiously Fast

29 06 2009

When African pirates seized an American ship and took an American hostage, Obama stayed mum for days.

When the leading candidate for the Iranian Presidential election was suddently defeated in a questionable election and millions took to the streets to demonstrate – many loosing their lives – Obama stayed quiet for days.

But when Honduras President Manuel Zelaya was overthrown by a Honduran-Supreme-Court-Approved military coup, Obama quickly commented that this was not right. He was voicing the same concerns as Hugo Chavez, Daniel Ortega and the Castro brothers. Despite the emerging fact that Zelaya was abusing his power, and that Hondurans have welcomed the military coup that restored power to the elected legislature – Obama wades in with concern and scolding. The Wall Street Journal has a great article about the coup – and how Hondurans are following the law of their land in outing this emerging criminal Zelaya.

REPEATABLE: This was a curiously fast foreign policy weigh in from a President who has been as forceful as a wet noodle on other foreign policy matters. I wonder who is telling him what to do? Brotherly grip, gift giving friend Chavez?

More Pay for Play in Obama’s Transparent Administration

24 06 2009

According to the Center for Responsive Politics, Obama donors have been rewarded with Ambassadorship nominations. The practice is not new, but it is head turning for a President who promised a transparent administration. The donors – now Ambassador nominees –  have given a total of over $98,000 to Obama personally, $3.4 million for his Presidential campaign and $1.4 million for his inaugural. Read the very interesting report here.


You: Predict Obama’s Approval

23 06 2009

Have a little fun and take a poll. Rasmussen is still running their Obama job performance prediction. They survey 500 people every day and for about a month now they have been doing an online poll on the side. If you are still waiting for a survey company to call you to ask you what you think, you can go ahead and let go of your breath now because it probably won’t happen. Just have some fun with this online prediction poll. Go ahead, help yourself. Click here.


Squiggly lines…again

22 06 2009

According to Rasmussen, 54% of Americans approve of Obama’s job performance, and 45% disapprove. I’ve published these squiggly line graphs of theirs before, and this one shows just how far the supporters have fallen while the disapprovers have grown.



The Unemployed Gave Big

21 06 2009

There is nothing funny about being unemployed, but did you know that for Obama’s 2009 inaugural, the third largest donor group was “unemployed.” 266 people who listed themselves as unemployed gave $980,740. Read more about inaugural giving here.


Obama’s Doctor Does Not Like His Healthcare Plan

20 06 2009

Obamacare hit a another snag with the revelation that Obama’s doctor does not care for Obama’s plan. Read the Fortune story here.