Obama Friends Wright and Ayers Gather

18 05 2009

Obama’s spiritual advisor, Dr. Jeremiah “God Dxxx America” Wright and Obama’s political career launching pal Dr.



William “We didn’t do enough” Ayers got together over the weekend to talk about mid-east peace. Obama has done his part to distance himself from this pair, but they’re baaaaccckkk! More reminders about the individuals that have shaped Obama’s learning and early political career, but of course if asked Obama would likely say “he does not remember” – just as he did not hear Wright’s anti-American sermons for over 10 years…

REPEATABLE: Friends don’t go away…even if you want them too. Sorta like Obama’s family: his Aunt living in public housing or his brother living in an African hut. When will they get an invitation for the White House cocktail hour?




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