Obama at Notre Dame

17 05 2009

He gave a good speech at today’s Commencement, despite the controversy surrounding him being awarded an honorary degree. Notre Dame put him in their academic regalia – which is also only blue hood – not the purple for law.

He bashed most of us for being American consumers, saying we have been full of “greed and short term thinking”, and indulging in our “immediate self interest” and then tried to get on same terms with his audience at the Catholic university saying, “those of us in the Christian tradition” and “those of us who believe” and even pulled out the “I stand here as an African American” line.

He took on the abortion subject, saying we should look more at adoptions and “conscience clause” involving science and ethics. (Science and ethics – but no religion as he stands at a Catholic university commencement.)  And he did his serve and service bit…. which has become all too routine.

Worst moment: He plugged one of his books.

Best moment: Standing ovation by faculty when Obama acknowledged the good handling of the controversy by the class of 2009.

REPEATABLE: Obama was on his best behavior and delivered a good, funny speech that made the best of a bad situation. Takes you back to the campaign days where you almost believed what he was saying….




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