Hey D.C. Kids: Good Education Has To Wait

10 05 2009

In his first 100 days, Obama announced plans to cancel the popular (and successful) school voucher program in Washington D.C.  The outcry from this has been noticed, and Obama decided to change his position.

He’s not going to kill the program now….he’ll just kill it later.

He will discontinue the vouchers after children who are currently enrolled, and thriving, in private schools have transitioned out of those schools. That includes the children who are enrolled in the same school that Obama’s own children are enrolled.

So children who are entering the Washtington D.C. school system will never get the opportunities that others have had. Sorry kids –

The best summary of this comes from the RNC’s  Michael Steele:

Rather than stand up to do what is right, President  Obama, who has written two books—one with a title of ‘Hope’ and the other of ‘Dreams’—has pledged to deny the hopes and dreams of poor, minority families who simply seek the opportunity that I had, the opportunity that he himself had, and the opportunity that we all seek for our own children—a better education.

REPEATABLE: Children of D.C. don’t worry: you only need to wait until the next election and the hopeful return of a better President to get your education hopes back. Education is not a game and even in tight fiscal times, successful programs such as this should not have been touched.




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