The Obama’s Love Their Photo Ops…

28 04 2009

The Obama’s love their photo ops so much, they are willing to scare the public in lower Manhattan to shoot them.

The White House ordered a photo opportunity for the military airplane known as Air Force One (when Obama is on it.)

Today, White House Military Office Director Louis Caldera ordered a flight over New York City so the empty plane could be photographed. They notified the FAA but told them this is classified – so the public was not informed.

Here comes a 747 in the morning, flying low, with miliary escort, over lower Manhattan. The public panicked. The media covered it up.

REPEATABLE: Quit wasting tax payer money on photo ops for airplanes and let’s give a little respect to Americans who are still concerned with terrorism (or as Obama refers to terrorism as “man made disasters”). Keep your plane out of New York City.




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