Torture Hypocrite

23 04 2009

Obama is having a hard time…again. This is torture just to watch.obama-meets-chavez-41709 

He wants to prosecute the Bush administration for torture policies, but now he doesn’t.  He declassifies CIA memos that outline the torture procedures used on the most vile terrorists, but does not declassify the CIA documents that show the outcome of intelligence – and the terror attacks prevented – that were gained from the technique. He wants to close Gitmo in Cuba but announced it without a plan on what to do with the high value terrorists being held there.

And yet he has no problem sharing a brotherly handgrip, shoulder touch and ear-to-ear grin when meeting one of the worlds most notorious torturers – Hugo Chavez. (April 17)  The Venezuelan dictator tortures his opposition leaders – human rights groups have reported for years. Obama welcomes him with the vigor of seeing Grandpa waitin’ on the porch when coming home for a visit. Worse – he accepted an anti-America book from Chavez  and says it was a “nice gesture.”

Obama is lost without polling data to tell him what to do next. Read more at Politico.

At least he didn’t bow to Chavez, as he did to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia – another leader who beats women.

REPEATABLE: Obama plays to the left – saying torture must go – but embraces world leaders who use the technique.




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