Obama’s Protocol Disaster Checklist

21 04 2009

Maybe Obama’s protocol disasters are not accidents. Maybe this is planned…

Maybe he enjoyed that first major blunder, shaking hands instead of saluting the Marine One officer who was standing at attention, saluting him.

Maybe he likes being a step away from normal. A step away from proper.

If he had a checklist for last week’s Summit of the America’s, maybe his protocol checklist looked something like this:

1. Be sure to shake hands with a leader of country America has no formal, diplomatic relations with.

2. When shaking such said leader’s hand, make it a good, brotherly grip.

3. Sit in meetings and tolerate 50 minute anti-American speeches. Say nothing; offend no one.

4. Give another speech about bad American aggression, maybe something like this:

“While the US has done much to promote peace and prosperity in the hemisphere we have at times been disengaged and at times we sought to dictate our own terms. But I pledge to you that we seek an equal partnership”

5. Don’t give gifts to leaders of countries since the DVD’s and Ipod did not go over well for my Great Britain friends, so just don’t give gifts at all.

6. If getting a gift…like say an anti-American book hand presented to me by Hugo Chavez…be sure to accept it and later say something nice, like “I think it was a nice gesture.”

If this was his checklist …he was successful.

REPEATABLE: Obama just does not appear to be that into us.  Us – meaning – the United States. His protocol lapses are showing more than bad staffing or lack of good judgement – they are showing that he does not seem to care for – or be interested in defending – the United States of America.




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