Taxed Enough Already – TEA Party Time

15 04 2009

The Revolution is here.donttread

Just in time to be noticed by the Department of Homeland Security – who released a Rightwing Extremism report last week.  Those crazy, radical Americans who are exercising their freedom of speech April 15 and protesting the threat of high taxes and current excessive Washington spending…. are already being labeled nut cases.

Too bad we don’t have federal funding like the real nut groups.

The media coverage will focus on pro-tax protesters or anyone in an Obama t-shirt that happens to walk by, so don’t count on anything there. At least USA Today had a nice story on the planning of the rallies.

REPEATABLE: With over 700 cities in all 50 states, the TEA parties are already a successful grassroots effort that clearly has Washington on edge.




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