Finally: Obama ready to talk Pirates

14 04 2009

An Easter Sunday rescue of an American freighter captain thanks to our Navy seals. After almost a week of no comment, Obama stepped forward today to acknowledge the situation – that should have been acknowledged a week j02544921ago. The New York Times reports that the Defense Department twice asked Obama for permission to use force in the situation, which he finally agreed to on Saturday (April 11) if the captain’s life was in imminent danger.

I’d say being held hostage by 4 pirates for several days is imminent danger.

This situation was covered by the world media. It warranted a comment by our President – way before the solution.

REPEATABLE: Again – proof that Obama is not a leader. The Defense Department had to prod him to action and he was slow to address a hostage situation covered by international media. We all knew Hillary had it right by saying he was not up to handle “the 3 a.m. call” and now we know he is not ready to handle ANY call.




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