I’m Not Ready To Talk Pirates

10 04 2009

Those rambling Somalia pirates are up to it again – this time hijacking an American cargo ship off the Somalia coast. j0254492The ship and 21 member crew was hijacked April 8 – but the Americans regained control of the ship. The captain of the ship was not so fortunate, being held hostage by the pirates in a lifeboat released from the ship.

More than 24 hours after the hijacking, President Obama was asked about it April 9 during a press availability. He was asked to give a quick statement on the situation. His reply: “Guys, we are here to talk about housing.”

Uh – okay. The hostage can wait.

Wrong. He could have said plenty, from “We are addressing it and will have updates soon” to “We are aware of it and our thoughts are with the family of the hostage” to “I’ve never liked seafood” – anything other than “Guys, we are here to talk about housing.”

Now again, April 10, he was asked about the situation at the end of a White House meeting with economic advisors and the President did not comment again.

So, since it took Obama 4 days to get “shaking” mad at AIG bonuses, how many days do we wait to hear his response to an American hostage?

REPEATABLE:  Obama proving again he is no leader – he is a campaigner. Unless he can figure out a way to capture the pirates email addresses for campaign purposes, he apparently is not interested in the American hostage.




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