The All-American Cheapest Gift Evah

1 04 2009

After giving visiting British Prime Minister Gordon Brown a set of 25 DVDs – that he later was discovered he couldn’t play in British DVD players – you would think the Obama administration would class up and give the Queen of England a nicer gift. Nah. Obama – visiting the Queen April 1 while at the G20 Summit, gave her an Ipod. So the best gift the American President could muster up is one that most American 8-year-olds have. And speaking of already have: the Queen already had an Ipod.

The good news from the Obama/Royalty visit is that Michelle Obama finally wore a jacket to cover her bare arms. So we took a 1/2 step towards classy.
REPEATABLE: The new American President needs a protocol officer to help him select gifts…and in a time where he has quadrupled the national debt, you would think he could splurge a wee bit more on a gift for one of the country’s greatest allies.




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