Some ideas of what NOT to do at Commencement

1 04 2009

The first on such a list would be: don’t give an honorary degree to someone who opposes what your institution stands for.

Such is the case at Notre Dame University, a catholic university in Indiana. They have invited President Obama to j0282851.gifattend their Commencement and be a speaker. That alone is not a great idea as many Commencement Coordinators who have had Presidents at their ceremonies will say: the logistics of a Presidential visit consume the ceremony and the focus is removed from the graduates themselves. But this alone is not the main argument: they are also going to present him with a Honorary Degree. They are presenting their highest award to a man who believes, advocates, publicizes and promotes the beliefs that the catholic university is against – namely abortion. The announcement is very controversal. Go figure – a university presenting its highest award to someone who believes in destroying what they teach. I liken this to a university playing Pink Floyd’s “We don’t need no education” as the processional march. A very bad idea.

The Bishop of Ft. Wayne-South Bend has announced he will not attend the ceremony – the first he has missed in 25 years. And over 227,000 people have signed the on-line petition at

REPEATABLE: Hey Notre Dame graduates: use the top of your motar board for your free speech expression….while we still have free speech in this country.




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