Fox Just Says No to Obama Presser

28 04 2009


Fox has said no to showing Obama’s prime time new conference. I was wondering when a network was going to say no to Obama’s monthly request for free airtime. Obama has asked for airtime on Wednesday, April 29 to talk about his fabulous first 100 days. Well, fabulous in his eyes.

Fox is sticking with its regular programming: Lie To Me. How funny is that?

Watch NBC, CBS or ABC to get lied to…or watch Fox to see Lie to Me.

REPEATABLE: Fox news has got it right. This President is making too many requests for free air time. He should just sell some commemorative plates with a photograph of Air Force One flying over New York City and raise enough money to purchase his own advertising time.


The Obama’s Love Their Photo Ops…

28 04 2009

The Obama’s love their photo ops so much, they are willing to scare the public in lower Manhattan to shoot them.

The White House ordered a photo opportunity for the military airplane known as Air Force One (when Obama is on it.)

Today, White House Military Office Director Louis Caldera ordered a flight over New York City so the empty plane could be photographed. They notified the FAA but told them this is classified – so the public was not informed.

Here comes a 747 in the morning, flying low, with miliary escort, over lower Manhattan. The public panicked. The media covered it up.

REPEATABLE: Quit wasting tax payer money on photo ops for airplanes and let’s give a little respect to Americans who are still concerned with terrorism (or as Obama refers to terrorism as “man made disasters”). Keep your plane out of New York City.


28 04 2009

President Obama gaffed again today with the teleprompter…getting ahead of himself in a speech and thanking someone, twice, before the teleprompter caught up.

The best account is from the teleprompter himself.Or maybe it is herself? Either way, the TOTUS swears it was not the Swine Flu that caused this.

REPEATABLE: Obama is so carefully trying to script his Presidency, he is missing reality. Had President Bush done this, the media would have gone wild.


823,076 Great Americans…and Counting…

27 04 2009

Grassroots organizers have tallied up the attendance and Pajamas TV is reporting that 823,076 Americans gathered on April 15 to protest out-of-control Washington spending.donttread3


Americans are sending a message to Democrats AND Republicans in Washington that spending is not a solution. The national debt is 4 times higher than January 1, 2009.  People are paying attention – and those in Washington who are voting for these bills (and those who are voting without reading them) need to take notice. If they want to keep their jobs – they need to start acting fiscally responsible like average Americans have to be.

REPEATABLE: Within the first 100 days of a new administration and 3/4 of a million Americans organized themselves to send a message to Washington – without using federal funds to pay for any of it. This is a great first step to ensure that political leaders do responsible work for the people – not work for themselves.


100 Days; 100 Mistakes

27 04 2009

Enough said.  It’s been 100 days for President Obama. I miss Jimmy Carter….

REPEATABLE: I wish I could repeat all of these, but I can’t. There are just too many.


Are Republicans Bigger Haters Than Democrats?

24 04 2009

Finally. A shift in the anger meter.

Remember how angry Democrats were/are at George W. Bush?  At W’s 100 day mark in his first term, 46% of democrats disapproved of him.

Not to be outdone, Republicans have responded to Obama. The Pew Research Center reports 56% of republicans disapprove of Obama as he nears his 100 day mark.

Disapproval leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering..wait that was Yoda in Star Wars…but you get the picture.

REPEATABLE: Based on this 100 day survey, Obama is off to a bad start with the side he promised to unite with “Hope and Change.”


Obama’s Earth Day Fuel Blowout

24 04 2009

On Earth Day, April 22, Obama flew Marine One to Air Force One to Iowa to give a speech, saying we need a “new era of energy exploration in America.” He blew through 9,000 gallons of fuel for the round trip.

REPEATABLE: A new era of energy exploration could begin in the hanger at Andrews Air Force Base by keeping the big airplane parked and making your speech on TV instead.