Is Obama Loosing His Mojo?

30 03 2009

He’s popular all right but is he loosing his touch? Hot Air reported about all of Obama’s work last week promoting his budget. He travelled across the country for 2 townhall meetings and an appearance on Jay Leno. He bumped off American Idol for a prime time news conference. They sent emails to millions and asked supporters to go door to door and talk to their neighbors about his budget. Support groups ran ads; he appeared on 60 minutes. He even lobbied on Capitol Hill.
The result of his budget spin job: Gallop says 39% of those surveyed feel positively about his budget, down from 44% a few weeks earlier.
Even worse for a week’s worth of work was that the people who claimed not to know enough about his budget actually INCREASED. A few weeks ago, 10% of those surveyed said they didn’t know enough; and last week that grew to 30-33% didn’t know enough about his budget to give an opinion.
REPEATABLE: Obama seems to be everywhere but evidently people are not paying attention to his message; and people don’t like his budget.




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