Conservative cable and radio shows surge

30 03 2009

Fox News continues to trample their cable competition at CNN and MSNBC. From the Associated Press, so far in

O’Reilly averages 3.4 million; Hannity 2.9; Beck 2.3, Greta 2.1 million…compared to Larry King at 1.1 and Anderson Cooper at 1.1.

Oh Anderson Cooper. I will never forget hearing him say that Obama’s experience running a campaign qualified him to run for President. That was an amazingly stupid statement …maybe that is why he is at the bottom of the ratings pile.

Rush Limbaugh’s ratings have also increased – in some markets they have doubled, he announced on Thursday.

REPEATABLE: Conservative cable and radio programs are burst

ing with viewers while liberal programs are dying. Looks like conservatives are still voting…. this time they vote with the remote.




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