The Tea Parties: Socially Correct

28 03 2009

tpWhen you hear “tea parties” you think ladies, dresses, hats, tea, fancy cookies. But in 2009, Tea Parties have taken on a whole new meaning.

There is unrest among the people – a “Revolution is Brewing”. Normal American citizens are tired of calling, emailing and faxing their congressman or women to tell them to stop excessive spending. So everyday Americans are taking to the streets in the spirit of the historic Boston Tea Party.

Thousands have participated since February. Fullerton, CA had 15,000. Orlando, FL had 5,000. Cincinatti had 5,000 and the list goes on and on. You won’t see much coverage in the mainstream media though…not surprisingly they are supressing the voice of the people.

I have attended two Tea Parties. Both extremly valuable uses of my time and resources. I have met many conservative-minded people and enjoyed seeing the creativity in the signs. It was particularly funny for me to get my photo printed in the on-line local newspaper – funny because in my hand was my sign that read:

“You won’t see this sign on the network news tonight”.

They cropped out that sign, of course.

Tea Parties continue each weekend, and a major across-the-country event is planned on April 15 – tax day. Visit for a list.

REPEATABLE: Even without the help of Federally funded groups like the Liberals have, average Americans have organized themselves to protest excessive Washington spending. The grassroots effort is growing…along with the national debt.




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