Gird Your Tomatoes

26 03 2009

Back in the good old days it used to be “eat your vegetables!” Soon it may be ” guard your vegetables.”tomato4

This morning’s Glenn Beck radio show had an interesting segment on house bill 875 dealing with national food supply and safety. The bill adds more regulations to food production and facilities – and as the bill is currently written – facilities includes any farm or garden. Taking the bill at face value (trusting Washington), this should not mean any harm. But if passed and more sinister situations arise, this opens the possibliity that your home garden could be faced with civil and criminal penalities if you don’t comply with federal guidelines. Big deal? It is if the national food supply starts to be rationed when more farmers park the tractors rather than face higher production costs.  Legislators need to rewrite this to read “commercial farms”. There is no need to have a law that is suspiciously wide open.

 REPEATABLE: Watch the bills going through Congress now. Government is expanding and bills such as this – as harmless as they may initially seem – could make us all eat dirt later.




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