Green Moment Goes Dark for Al Gore

30 03 2009

The country’s self-appointed Environmental Czar Al Gore did a very bad thing Saturday evening March 28: he left the lightbulb1lights on at his Nashville home during “Earth Hour”. You see, from 8:30 – 9:30 p.m. we were all supposed to shut down the lights, air conditioning and other evil electrical using appliances. But the President of the Tennessee Center of Policy Research observed, and took photos of,  lights on at the Gore residence.  See the story at

REPEATABLE: Evidently, unless he is going to make money from an environmental stunt/book/movie, Al Gore is not going to practice what he preaches.


Is Obama Loosing His Mojo?

30 03 2009

He’s popular all right but is he loosing his touch? Hot Air reported about all of Obama’s work last week promoting his budget. He travelled across the country for 2 townhall meetings and an appearance on Jay Leno. He bumped off American Idol for a prime time news conference. They sent emails to millions and asked supporters to go door to door and talk to their neighbors about his budget. Support groups ran ads; he appeared on 60 minutes. He even lobbied on Capitol Hill.
The result of his budget spin job: Gallop says 39% of those surveyed feel positively about his budget, down from 44% a few weeks earlier.
Even worse for a week’s worth of work was that the people who claimed not to know enough about his budget actually INCREASED. A few weeks ago, 10% of those surveyed said they didn’t know enough; and last week that grew to 30-33% didn’t know enough about his budget to give an opinion.
REPEATABLE: Obama seems to be everywhere but evidently people are not paying attention to his message; and people don’t like his budget.

Conservative cable and radio shows surge

30 03 2009

Fox News continues to trample their cable competition at CNN and MSNBC. From the Associated Press, so far in

O’Reilly averages 3.4 million; Hannity 2.9; Beck 2.3, Greta 2.1 million…compared to Larry King at 1.1 and Anderson Cooper at 1.1.

Oh Anderson Cooper. I will never forget hearing him say that Obama’s experience running a campaign qualified him to run for President. That was an amazingly stupid statement …maybe that is why he is at the bottom of the ratings pile.

Rush Limbaugh’s ratings have also increased – in some markets they have doubled, he announced on Thursday.

REPEATABLE: Conservative cable and radio programs are burst

ing with viewers while liberal programs are dying. Looks like conservatives are still voting…. this time they vote with the remote.


The Tea Parties: Socially Correct

28 03 2009

tpWhen you hear “tea parties” you think ladies, dresses, hats, tea, fancy cookies. But in 2009, Tea Parties have taken on a whole new meaning.

There is unrest among the people – a “Revolution is Brewing”. Normal American citizens are tired of calling, emailing and faxing their congressman or women to tell them to stop excessive spending. So everyday Americans are taking to the streets in the spirit of the historic Boston Tea Party.

Thousands have participated since February. Fullerton, CA had 15,000. Orlando, FL had 5,000. Cincinatti had 5,000 and the list goes on and on. You won’t see much coverage in the mainstream media though…not surprisingly they are supressing the voice of the people.

I have attended two Tea Parties. Both extremly valuable uses of my time and resources. I have met many conservative-minded people and enjoyed seeing the creativity in the signs. It was particularly funny for me to get my photo printed in the on-line local newspaper – funny because in my hand was my sign that read:

“You won’t see this sign on the network news tonight”.

They cropped out that sign, of course.

Tea Parties continue each weekend, and a major across-the-country event is planned on April 15 – tax day. Visit for a list.

REPEATABLE: Even without the help of Federally funded groups like the Liberals have, average Americans have organized themselves to protest excessive Washington spending. The grassroots effort is growing…along with the national debt.


Gird Your Tomatoes

26 03 2009

Back in the good old days it used to be “eat your vegetables!” Soon it may be ” guard your vegetables.”tomato4

This morning’s Glenn Beck radio show had an interesting segment on house bill 875 dealing with national food supply and safety. The bill adds more regulations to food production and facilities – and as the bill is currently written – facilities includes any farm or garden. Taking the bill at face value (trusting Washington), this should not mean any harm. But if passed and more sinister situations arise, this opens the possibliity that your home garden could be faced with civil and criminal penalities if you don’t comply with federal guidelines. Big deal? It is if the national food supply starts to be rationed when more farmers park the tractors rather than face higher production costs.  Legislators need to rewrite this to read “commercial farms”. There is no need to have a law that is suspiciously wide open.

 REPEATABLE: Watch the bills going through Congress now. Government is expanding and bills such as this – as harmless as they may initially seem – could make us all eat dirt later.


This Is Going to Cost You

25 03 2009

The deficit has now been quadrupled with the stimulus-a-palooza Obama administration, a mere 60 or so days in office. This visual from the Washington Post helps the mathematically challenged see the course of action. And mathematically challenged simply means none of us own calculators that have this many zeros in them.wapoobamabudget1


REPEATABLE: The only way I can see Obama being able to cut this deficit in half by next year – his promise – is by using white out to cut through all those big, red lines.


Obama Approval Rating Down; Disapproval Up

25 03 2009

The squiggly lines don’t lie. From Rasmussen Reports, Obama is closing the gap between the people who like him and the people who don’t.

REPEATABLE: The President’s approval ratings have declined since Inaugural day.obama_index_march_25_2009